Arts & Crafts

At Rubislaw Park, we really believe in savouring every moment in life.

That’s why we’re so enthusiastic about offering dynamic, interesting activities for our residents to enjoy every day. One of these activities is getting creative and taking part in fun arts and craft classes. 

Being involved in creative endeavours as we age has significant physical, emotional and social benefits. Which is why it’s so important to support our residents, and provide them with innovative and enjoyable experiences across the board.

Prepare to get Crafty

We encourage our residents to really throw themselves into arts and crafts. Doing so can have a huge positive effect on the mental and emotional health of our residents, not to mention; who doesn’t love getting a little bit creative now and then? Our classes really serve as an emotional outlet for our residents, allowing them to create whatever they want and express exactly what’s on their mind. 

For our residents who aren’t as creatively inclined, a lot of our classes have quite a lot of direction. This means that our classes usually begin with a clear goal in mind, whether that’s creating a mosaic or learning how to decoupage. All of our crafts are suitable for all ages, so we actively encourage our residents to invite their children and grandchildren along to share in the creative fun. 

Close Up of Old Lady Knitting
Man Doing a Painting on Canvas

Facilities at Rubislaw Park

Residents at Rubislaw Park are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities. At Rubislaw Park, we make every effort to make all of our facilities and programmes as extensive and accessible as possible, whether people have been practising these hobbies for a long time or are only just starting them.

Easter Crafts Rubislaw Park
Wooden Ship Built

Encouraging Creativity

At Rubislaw Park, we want to encourage creativity whenever (and wherever) we can. Whether that’s by taking part in the arts and craft classes in the communal spaces at Rubislaw, or finding inspiration from our very own back garden. We love creating outdoor pieces of art that have been made using all natural materials, as they really look fantastic decorating the garden all year round. Natural materials can also be used to produce artwork, pressed flowers, celebratory wreaths, and even bird feeders. 

Flowers and Heart Card
Birdhouse Built
Sewing Machine

Life at Rubislaw Park

The importance of getting to know our residents and learning about their interests is recognised by our team. We want to establish a home where everyone feels loved, safe, and cared for, and where preparing our residents for the day ahead is our number one priority. Thanks to the various activities we provide for our residents, we are able to do just that. 

Our Care

Since the beginning of Rubislaw Park, our staff has been dedicated to helping our residents with everything life throws at them. We enjoy creating a home where our residents can choose from a variety of care options while knowing that our team is fully experienced with every single one of them.

Resident and Nurse Bonding

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