At Rubislaw Park, we believe that the entire dining experience is an incredibly important one. 

How, where and what a resident eats can really affect how they feel, and the food we put into our bodies has a much bigger effect on our health as we start to get older. 

We provide residents with a dining experience that allows them to keep their independence while being completely able to dine with dignity, by letting them decide how they want to spend their meal times. 

Be Our Guest

We really value our dining and meal times at Rubislaw Park, as it serves as the perfect opportunity to get together with friends, family, and other residents to share a tasty meal and lots of lovely memories. Our resident chefs take great pride in serving nutritious, home cooked meals and regularly consult with our residents to ensure that all of their favourites are available. If one-on-one assistance is required, a member of our team will be more than happy to sit with our residents to help them eat at their own pace.

Although we encourage all of our residents to eat together, residents also have the option to eat their meals from the comfort of their own rooms. We love it when friends and family come to visit, and they are more than welcome to eat with the residents both in the dining room, as well as their own rooms. Our weekly resident coffee mornings, Afternoon Tea events and Friday Happy Hour are all part of our all-inclusive lifestyle and ensure that there’s plenty going on for our residents to join in with. Many residents have fond memories of laying the table for lunch or dinner or preparing vegetables, and they are more than welcome to continue with their habits if they want to at Rubislaw Park.

Facilities at Rubislaw Park

At Rubislaw Park, all of our residents are encouraged to participate in a range of activities. We make every effort at Rubislaw Park to make all of our facilities and programmes as extensive and accessible as possible, whether people have been practising these hobbies their entire lives or are just getting started.

Dining with Dementia

Our residents living with dementia are incredibly important to us, which is why we pay such careful consideration to the dining experiences of these residents. As dementia frequently causes visual impairment, we choose to use high-rimmed tableware and tablecloths in various colours. We even have specialised cutlery intended to allow individuals with limited dexterity to eat independently and carry on enjoying their meals.

Rubislaw Dining Amenities

Rubislaw Park takes a lot of pride in it’s dining facilities, and why wouldn’t we? We have lots to rave about. From fantastic on-site chefs and catering teams, to creating memories and meals that will no doubt be cherished forever, have a look and see just what else Rubislaw Park has to offer:

Seasonal Menus

Our menus are updated regularly to ensure that our residents and their loved ones are only getting the freshest ingredients in their meals. Filled with inventive ideas and inspired ingredients, our teams make sure that your meals can keep up with the busy lives our residents lead. 

Private Dining Options

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation or promotion, our private dining rooms mean that our residents can enjoy a meal with their family away from the rest of our residents. It’s even the perfect spot to have a sunday roast with loved ones.

Multiple Dining Areas

You are more than welcome to dine in any of our several dining areas, the café or enjoy a drink in the bar. Each dining area has been tastefully decorated enabling you to dine in the best possible way.

Dining FAQ’s

We understand that many of our future residents, their friends and their family have many questions about life at Rubislaw Park. We at Rubislaw Park are delighted to address any questions you may have about our facility, our care options, or anything else you might think of. However, we do get a lot of questions about our dining facilities, and the ones we receive most frequently will be answered below.

Yes, you get to choose what you eat for every single one of your meals. You can choose from the menus provided, or in certain cases, you’ll be able to talk with the catering team to see what they can do for you.

Snacks and drinks are offered throughout the day. We also offer special occasion meals, as long as they’re pre-discussed with the catering team.

Our chefs and catering team are enthusiastic, innovative, and get ongoing training in order to serve the very best meals to each and every one of our residents. They work very closely with our residents to create fantastic meals that everyone can enjoy.

All of your meals are entirely covered by your payment plan, so there’s no need for you to worry about additional finances when it comes to your food and drink. 

Yes, all of our residents get to choose where they consume their meals. They can eat practically anywhere on the Rubislaw Park premises, from the dining rooms, to their own rooms. They can even dine in the garden if the weather is nice enough.

Life at Rubislaw Park

Our staff recognises the value of getting to know our residents and learning about their goals. Due to the various activities we provide for our residents, we are able to create a home where everyone feels loved, safe, and cared for, preparing our residents for the day ahead.

Our Care

Our staff has been committed to helping our residents with everything life throws at them since the beginning of Rubislaw Park. We love designing a home where our residents can select from a variety of care options, while knowing that our staff is familiar with each one of them individually and personally.

Arrange a Callback

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Rubislaw Park’s helpful staff as soon as possible. Fill out our Enquiry Form, phone 01224 810 030, or send an email to info@rubislawpark.com to get in touch with us today.

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