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At Rubislaw Park, we believe that the entire dining experience is an incredibly important one. 

How, where and what a resident eats can really affect how they feel, and the food we put into our bodies has a much bigger effect on our health as we start to get older. 

We provide residents with a dining experience that allows them to keep their independence while being completely able to dine with dignity, by letting them decide how they want to spend their meal times. 

Facilities at Rubislaw Park

At Rubislaw Park, all of our residents are encouraged to participate in a range of activities. We make every effort at Rubislaw Park to make all of our facilities and programmes as extensive and accessible as possible, whether people have been practising these hobbies their entire lives or are just getting started.

Drinking Glasses
Counter Top at Rubislaw Park Dining Area

Dining with Dementia

Our residents living with dementia are incredibly important to us, which is why we pay such careful consideration to the dining experiences of these residents. As dementia frequently causes visual impairment, we choose to use high-rimmed tableware and tablecloths in various colours. We even have specialised cutlery intended to allow individuals with limited dexterity to eat independently and carry on enjoying their meals.

Rubislaw Park Dining Table
Rubislaw Park Counter Top

Life at Rubislaw Park

Our staff recognises the value of getting to know our residents and learning about their goals. Due to the various activities we provide for our residents, we are able to create a home where everyone feels loved, safe, and cared for, preparing our residents for the day ahead.

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