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Respite Care

Whether you are caring for a loved one or simply need a break for yourself, you can unwind at Rubislaw Park, knowing that you will get a warm and friendly welcome.

Respite care is perfect for individuals who need to recover after an illness or a hospital stay. Many people also arrange for a trial stay to check if the home is the right fit for them as their new place of residence.

Whether you would prefer to have respite care for a few days, a few weeks or indefinitely, our respite care home will provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout your stay.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is intended to provide the primary caregiver a little break by moving the person being cared for into a care home for a brief period of time. This form of care is especially beneficial when friends or family members have taken on the role of carer, as it allows them to put more of focus on their own health and wellbeing for the time being. 

Caregivers may need respite care, depending on the capabilities of their loved one. It allows them to rest, recoup, and attend to any other family obligations they may have. Caring for someone else is a demanding job, and if you’re starting to run low on energy, you won’t be able to continue giving quality care for your loved one. That makes respite care essential to providing both our residents and their loved ones with a well deserved break. 

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Respite Care at Rubislaw Park

Our Respite care can be tailored to fit your individual lifestyle and care plan, with special attention given to each individual need. We are constantly developing new tactics to provide our residents and their loved ones with the best possible care and would be more than happy to discuss any requirements you might have.

If any of our prospective residents aren’t entirely sure about making the move, that’s completely valid and understandable. However, many people arrange for a short-term trial stay with us at Rubislaw Park, just to get a feel for the life they might eventually be leading if they do choose to take that leap. Rubislaw Park is a wonderful residential care facility where everyone can stay in a safe, supervised setting that is tailored to their individual needs.

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What You’ll Find at Rubislaw Park

To ensure the comfort, convenience, and personalised support of our residents, we have taken great consideration into the design of our care home to encompass a range of facilities and services.

Nurse Call Systems

Personalised Care Plans

Profiling Beds

GP Appointments

Optician Appointments

Dentist Appointments

Physiotherapy Appointments

Chiropody Appointments

Respite Care FAQs

Respite care at Rubislaw Park Care Home is available to any person who requires care and support on a short-term basis. Respite care provides the opportunity for a full recovery and to provide caregivers a much-needed break from their caregiving responsibilities. If you or a loved one needs full-time care, respite care can also be used to trial a home for 4 weeks to see if it’s a right fit for someone.

Our care services are available to all residents, no matter their duration of stay. During a resident’s stay, an individual will have a private bedroom, daily meals provided, activities and entertainment, access to our in-house facilities, and support with activities of daily living. Depending on the care needs of the individual, nursing care can be given.

The length of stay for respite care always varies depending on the individual’s needs and the availability of beds. At Rubislaw Park Care Home, a minimum stay of 3 weeks applies to allow residents to feel settled and get the most out of our services – for further information please get in touch.

How We Care For You

At our care home in Aberdeen, we take pride in offering a diverse range of care services. We firmly believe that every resident deserves the chance to receive high-quality care while also having the opportunity to engage in their hobbies, explore their interests, and form new connections.

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