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Residential Care

Our residential care at Rubislaw Park is perfect for individuals who are mostly capable of taking care of themselves, but every now and then would appreciate some extra assistance from our team.

It is such a privilege getting to know and spend time with every single resident, and we’re proud to have curated a completely safe and comfortable environment for our residents to call home. Our residential care is created to be entirely resident focused, and is fantastic for those residents who just need a little boost when it comes to group living.

What is Residential Care?

Residential care at Rubislaw Park means living life the way that you want to. At Rubislaw Park, we have dedicated teams working around-the-clock to provide our residents with as much support as they need. We value our residents strengths and skill sets, and encourage them to use them and maintain their independence as much as possible while staying with us.  

When it comes to residential care, the type of support and care each one of our residents receive is specially tailored to suit them and their specific needs. For some, the level of support needed is going to be quite low, whereas for others the level of support will be a lot higher. It really does depend on the individual.

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Our Approach to Residential Care

We provide residential care on both floors of the building, assisting people who find it difficult to manage and care for themselves in their own homes. Rubislaw Park provides a comfortable and safe environment for those who want to benefit from the advantages of group living while maintaining their freedom.

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What is Residential Care like at Rubislaw Park?

In our homes, we strive to create an atmosphere that encourages our residents to feel confident, empowered and happy. An atmosphere that helps our residents to feel like they’re not too far away from home, and that they can still do all the things they enjoy. That’s why at Rubislaw Park, we tailor all of our facilities to be as inclusive and expansive as possible, ensuring that there truly is something for everyone to take part in. 

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Is Residential Care the right choice?

Taking the step to look into care homes either for yourself or a loved one is a very big step, and should by no means be taken lightly. We understand that it’s a very difficult time to navigate, and it’s hard to know where or who to turn to. At Rubislaw, we can provide support for our current residents, future residents and their loved ones, and help them figure out the right path for them to take the best we can. 

Our Care

Since Rubislaw Park first opened, our teams have been dedicated to supporting our residents through whatever difficulties they face. We pride ourselves on creating a home where our residents have access to a wide variety of care options, and can live happily in the knowledge that our teams value each resident’s individuality and strengths.

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Residential Care Inclusives

There are lots of features and additional services that are included with the price of your stay at Rubislaw Park. Every single resident will have access to the right medical support for them, including:

Access to a GP

Each of our residents will be able to book and attend appointments with a GP, either with or without the support of one of our team members. 

Physio Sessions

All of our residents are entitled to the physical support they need to feel like themselves again, including physiotherapy sessions.

Access to a Dentist

Our residents who need dental care will have full access to a dentist, and these appointments will be included with the overall cost.   

Eye Care from an Optician

Included with the overall fee, every resident will have full access to an optician to help with any vision related issues.  

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Life at Rubislaw Park

Our care home teams know the value of getting to know our residents, as well as getting to know those who are most important to them. Which is why, with our wide array of facilities and activities, we’re able to create a home where residents feel loved, safe, and excited for the day ahead.

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