Life at Rubislaw Park

We want to encourage our residents to continue taking part in the meaningful activities that have always brought them joy, no matter where they are. It’s always been a real privilege for us, getting to know and spending quality time with every single resident.

At Rubislaw Park, we see no reason as to why our residents shouldn’t be able to continue doing the activities they love; whether they’re a keen painter, a master craftsman or a film fanatic. There really is something for everyone at Rubislaw Park. 

Our Rooms and Suites

We have a wide variety of rooms and suites, each designed with a clear focus on providing our residents with the best around-the-clock, individualised care available. We understand that considering your next steps can be daunting, so we’re proud to offer our support to all of our residents, their families and their friends.

Rooms & Suites at Rubislaw Park


We offer a variety of private dining options, so if our residents are planning on celebrating a birthday or anniversary with their loved ones, they are more than welcome to do so in one of our private dining rooms. From celebrating a special occasion to simply gathering together for a Sunday roast, our on-site chefs and catering teams are available to lend a hand.

Arts and Crafts

Residents don’t have to be a whizz with a paintbrush to have a lot of fun at our arts and crafts sessions. In fact, many of our resident’s masterpieces are proudly displayed at Rubislaw Park, and can be seen while taking a stroll around the grounds. We’re more than happy to use a lot of glitter glue to get a little creative with our residents.


At Rubislaw Park, we have two incredible Activities Coordinators who are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting things for our residents to take part in. From various social events like weekly pub quizzes and Friday Night Happy Hour, to games and visiting performers, we regularly welcome entertainment from all different walks of life. 

Private Gardens

The extensive gardens at Rubislaw Park are the perfect place for our residents to find that moment of peace and tranquility that many are searching for. Our private gardens are more than idyllic; our residents are encouraged to connect with nature, go for a stroll, enjoy a glass of something fancy, or perhaps take part in some good old fashioned gardening. 

Hair Salon & Treatment Room

Getting your hair styled and cut can make you feel like a whole new person, which is why at Rubislaw Park, we want to make each one of our residents feel as special and unique as they are. Our hairdressers and salon professionals provide our residents with an individualised and personal experience, to ensure they keep on feeling like the best they can be.

Games and Recreation

At Rubislaw Park, we recognise and highlight the value of having fun and staying active, which is why our dedicated Activity Coordinators are always searching for exciting ways to keep our residents stimulated. Whether that’s through wine evenings and musical events at Rubislaw Park, or frequenting the beach or local garden centres with the use of our own mini bus, there are plenty of opportunities. 


Why take a trip to the movie theatre, when we can bring the movie theatre to you? Grab your popcorn and pay a visit to our dedicated cinema room at Rubislaw Park. Residents are encouraged to settle in and watch their favourite movies with friends and family, and enjoy the magic of the cinema from the comfort of their new home.

Day to Day Living at Rubislaw Park

The fun doesn’t stop there; Rubislaw Park has lots more facilities for our residents to explore, enjoy and ensure that no day ever has to be the same again. We provide around-the-clock care with access to superb facilities to guarantee your loved ones are being looked after, even when you can’t be there.


A fully stocked bar for all of our residents to enjoy. Perhaps they fancy a glass of wine, or something a little more complex? Not a problem. With all care and allergens taken into account, the choice is theirs.


Whatever device our residents are choosing to surf the web on, you can rest assured that our internet reaches super fast speeds. Staying connected with your loved ones has truly never been easier.


Whether our residents are huge fans of the classics, or if they’d much rather keep up to date with more modern literature, there are 100’s of books available to choose from in our Library. Perfect for cosying up in the evenings with a mug of hot chocolate.


Televisions and computers can be found in most communal areas at Rubislaw Park, meaning there’s always something entertaining happening around every corner. Our residents are encouraged to take full advantage of our electronics to remain in touch with their loved ones.


Rubislaw Park has the benefit of its very own mini bus which we use to take our residents on all sorts of excursions in the Aberdeen area. We also offer a fantastic chauffeur driven car service to ensure our residents can get to exactly where they need to be. 

24/7 Contact

If you want to talk to your loved one, day or night, you can rest assured in the knowledge that Rubislaw offers around-the-clock contactability. Whether a quick phone call is all you need, or you want to set up a face-to-face video call online, both are always available. 

Our Care

Since Rubislaw Park first opened, our teams have been dedicated to supporting our residents through whatever life throws at them. We pride ourselves on creating a home where our residents have access to a wide variety of care options, and can live happily in the knowledge that our teams value each resident’s individuality and strengths.

Arrange a Callback

If there’s something on your mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at Rubislaw Park today. Either fill out our Enquiry Form, give us a call on 01224 810 030, or email us at We can’t wait to hear from you.

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