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Nursing Care

Our nurses are educated to recognise signs and symptoms of illnesses, and are fantastic at recognising when nursing care may be the best option for our residents. 

Nursing care can ensure that any changes in health are rapidly detected, and that a doctor may be contacted quickly if necessary. Our nursing home in Aberdeen provides our residents with the assurance of professional nursing care, while still keeping their independence.

Our Approach to Nursing Care

We provide 24-hour nursing care for patients with physical limitations, those who require end-of-life care, and those who have high dependency needs. Key nursing is a method of assigning each resident with a nurse who will quickly become a familiar face who will be able to answer any questions you or your relatives may have.

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What is Nursing Care like at Rubislaw Park?

At Rubislaw Park, we have specialised staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide as much assistance as our residents need. We value each of our residents’ talents and skill sets, and we actively encourage them to use them as often as possible while they are with us at Rubislaw Park, in order to maintain their independence.

When it comes to nursing care, the type of assistance and care provided to each of our residents is tailored to their specific needs. Nursing care is the perfect type of care for those who are going through a particularly difficult time, physically or mentally. Our dedicated and fully trained staff always go the extra mile to ensure that our residents are getting the very best treatment, and are ready to go at all hours of the day. Whether that’s to help our residents with mealtimes, getting ready in the morning, or heading to bed at night.  

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Our Care

Since the beginning of Rubislaw Park, our teams have been committed to helping our residents with everything life throws at them. We take pride in creating a home where our residents have a variety of care options and can be certain that our teams are aware of each and every one of our resident’s character and capabilities.

Resident and Nurse Bonding
Rubislaw Park Care Home

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