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Private Gardens

Our private enclosed gardens are set within a landscape of 2 acres and are perfect for our residents who are real outdoor enthusiasts. When the days are warmer and longer, our gardens make an excellent space for our residents to talk with their loved ones and enjoy the sunshine. 

Our spacious garden is a lovely spot to get closer to nature, take a walk, or relax with a cup of tea and some home baking, or a drink of fizz if the mood strikes.

We encourage and support all of our residents to participate in a range of garden projects; so whether they’re a keen gardener or a nature novice, there’s room for them to do more of what they love in our private gardens.

Embrace your Inner Green Thumb

There are lots of different activities for our residents to take part in when it comes to our garden, from planting new flowers to tending to the ones that have already begun to grow. We encourage all of our residents to give gardening a go, and see just what amazing things they get out of it. 

Whether they’re a gardening expert or not, there’s plenty of support from our teams available if they need it. We love showing our residents that it’s okay for their inner green thumb to shine through. Letting our residents get their hands well and truly dirty is a fantastic way to renew old memories as well as improve our residents’ sense of ownership and independence. 

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Facilities at Rubislaw Park

We encourage all of our residents at Rubislaw Park to pursue their passions. Whether it’s something they’ve done their whole lives or something completely new they’d like to explore, our facilities and activites programme provide excellent choice. Every day at Rubislaw Park is different because we adapt all of our facilities and activities to be as expansive and inclusive as possible.

The Grounds
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Be at One with Nature

Whether it be in our landscaped gardens or our two accessible courtyards, Rubislaw Park provides ideal locations to sit outside, take shade and really feel connected to nature. Residents can benefit from the peace and tranquility that our gardens have to offer, as well as a plethora of wildlife including, deer, foxes, small birds, and owls. Our 2-acre grounds also provide a great opportunity for taking a stroll around, admiring the raised flower beds, or finding a cosy bench and reading their favourite book. We are also close to Johnson Gardens and residents often enjoy a stroll down there with visitors to see the duck pond.


Private Garden Amenities

Rubislaw Park boasts a plethora of amenities for our residents to explore and enjoy, ensuring that no day is ever the same. We assure you that your loved ones are cared for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when they stay with us. Our private enclosed gardens offer lots of activities to partake in, such as:

Gardening Activities

If you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, there are plenty of opportunities for you to show off your planting prowess with our outdoor gardening activities.

Tea and Cake

Our gardens are the perfect place for our residents and their loved ones to treat themselves to a slice of cake and a cup of tea (or perhaps something stronger) on a lovely warm day.

Complete Privacy

As our gardens are completely enclosed and secure, you can be sure that our residents are in a safe environment to embrace the great outdoors.

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Life at Rubislaw Park

Our staff realise the meaning of getting to know our residents as well as the individuals who are most important to them. That’s why, thanks to our extensive range of activities, we’re able to create a home where people can experience love, safety, and the care that makes them ready to take on the day.

Our Care

Our teams have been dedicated to assisting our residents through whatever life throws at them ever since Rubislaw Park first opened. We find joy in building a home where our residents have access to a wide range of care options and can be certain that our teams recognise each resident’s originality and talents.

Resident and Nurse Bonding

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Don’t hesitate to contact our helpful staff at Rubislaw Park. If you have any questions or concerns, fill out our Enquiry Form, phone us at 01224 810 030, or send us an email at info@rubislawpark.com

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