Rubislaw Park & The Aberdeen Area

Rubislaw Park & the Aberdeen Area

Rubislaw Park, in Aberdeen’s West End, is (in our humble opinion) one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Scotland is known for its lush green surroundings and vibrant city life, and you’re guaranteed to get the best of both at Rubislaw Park. Rubislaw Park’s Activity Coordinators and teams enjoy taking our residents on all kinds of experiences in and around Aberdeen, and they welcome the opportunity to make every day an exciting new adventure. 

We arrange all sorts of trips and excursions for our residents, to ensure they’re really seeing all of the amazing things that life in Aberdeen has to offer. Whether we take them into the city centre so they can shop until their feet ache, or we organise a day of activities to keep our residents well and truly on their toes; the Aberdeen area lends itself perfectly to having a great day out. From history and heritage to culture and diversity, Aberdeen has it all. 

The location of Rubislaw Park is close to everything our residents or their loved ones might need, as well as plenty of places our residents or their loved ones might want. From a variety of 24-hour grocery shops to an array of restaurants serving all types of cuisines, the local Aberdeen area is second to none. There are also bars, banks and hospitals all within a very close proximity to Rubislaw Park if needed. 

The Care we Provide in Aberdeen

We know how difficult it is to make the decision to relocate to Rubislaw Park. Our professional and attentive employees, on the other hand, aim to make the transfer from your home to ours as painless as possible. As we provide around-the-clock care, we get to know our residents well, allowing us to deliver the best individualised care possible.

Who is our home suitable for?

  • Residential Care
  • Nursing Care
  • Respite Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Palliative Care

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What’s included in the fees at Rubislaw Park?

A variety of amenities and benefits are included in the fees here at Rubislaw Park.

We aim to make sure that every single resident receives the very best support they need, which means that a lot of the medical treatment you’ll need during your stay is included in the price. You will get access to the following services as part of the fees at Rubislaw Park:

  • Access to a GP
  • Access to a Dentist
  • Physiotherapy Sessions
  • Eye care from an Optician

Residential Care in Aberdeen

Rubislaw Park’s residential care is available on both floors of the facility. This type of care is ideal for people who are largely capable of taking care of themselves but would benefit from a little extra help from our team now and then. For our residents who simply need a boost when it comes to group life, we’ve created a perfectly safe and friendly setting. This allows our residents to keep on living their life in Aberdeen in the way that they want to.

Private Courtyard Garden at Rubislaw Park

Dementia Care in Aberdeen 

Our residents’ best interests are always at the forefront of all we do at Rubislaw Park. As a result, we provide 24-hour care and support to those living with dementia, as well as their friends, family, and loved ones in the Aberdeen area.

On the first floor of Rubislaw, we provide Dementia Care for our residents who need it, which includes a variety of activities and useful tools intended exclusively for our people with dementia. At Rubislaw, we do everything we can to ensure that our residents are safe and cared for.

Nursing Care in Aberdeen

We provide continuous 24-hour Nursing Care for our residents on the first level of Rubislaw Park in Aberdeen. Nursing care is provided to residents with higher dependence needs, those who have more severe physical limitations, or those who require end-of-life care.

Rubislaw Park employs a type of nursing known as “key nursing,” in which we assign one nurse to each resident in order to foster a special and emotional relationship. This ensures that a familiar face is always available to answer any question you or your family might have.

Respite Care in Aberdeen

Rubislaw Park is the ideal spot to stay if you need to get away from it all, and have some time all to yourself. Whether you’re caring for a loved one or recovering from a stay in the hospital, Rubislaw Park is looking forward to seeing you and helping you recover one step at a time.

We are fully committed to giving you the attention and guidance you require to get back on your feet. We strive to make sure that every one of our residents enjoys their time at Rubislaw Park, in addition to making the road to recovery seem a little shorter and easier. Many individuals enjoy their time here so much that they book a trial stay at Rubislaw Park, to determine whether Aberdeen is the perfect place for them.

Is this care right for your loved ones?

Choosing to look into care homes for yourself or a loved one is a significant step that should not be taken lightly. At Rubislaw Park, we really recognise how tough of a task this can be, and how much of an emotional road you’ll have to navigate. Because of this, we also understand that knowing where to turn or who to turn to can be difficult.

We want to lend encouragement and offer support to our residents who may be staying with us currently, any of our potential residents, and any of their loved ones at Rubislaw Park. We strive to do our very best to help them figure out the best course of action, and help them get the very most out of staying at Rubislaw Park in Aberdeen.

Rubislaw Park prides itself on being an outstanding facility, and one that has won a well-deserved spot in the coveted Top 20 Care Home Awards for the last three years in a row. In 2020, it was the only care home in Aberdeen to make the list, which is a true testament to our care, our facilities, and our teams at Rubislaw Park.

The local area

Rubislaw Park, located in the West End of Aberdeen, is in one of the most idyllic spots imaginable. Scotland is known for its luscious green landscapes and bustling city life, and at Rubislaw you’re guaranteed the very best of both. 

Although Rubislaw Park has its own private garden, just a few minutes walk away lies Johnston Gardens, a beautiful botanical gem in the heart of the West End. Right around the corner from Johnston Gardens is the incredibly historic Rubislaw Quarry, which is one of the largest man-made holes in Europe. It has been inundated by water since its closure in 1971, and has big plans to be made fully accessible to the public in the very near future.

Aberdeen is a city that’s full of life, culture, and an abundance of history and heritage. Located only a seven minute walk away is The Gordon Highlanders Museum, where you can discover the illustrious history of The Gordon Highlanders, one of the most renowned regiments in British Army history.

If you start to head towards the heart of Aberdeen, you’re bound to find the Aberdeen Maritime Museum. Through magnificent exhibitions, interactive displays, and multimedia presentations, the North Sea’s unique tale is told, and a trip to the Aberdeen Maritime Museum really is a treat for all ages. 

Rubislaw Park is only a 10 minute drive from Aberdeen city centre, which is a hub of excitement. Whether you want to go shopping at the Union Square Shopping Mall, take in the sights at the Duthie Park Winter Gardens, or spend your day at Aberdeen Beach, there’s always something new to explore.

The local area surrounding Rubislaw Park is absolutely stunning, and provides lots to the overall experience of our residents. Our Activity Coordinators and teams at Rubislaw love to take our residents on all sorts of adventures in and around Aberdeen, and appreciate the opportunity to make every day an exciting new experience.

Life at Rubislaw Park

Our team at Rubislaw Park recognise the value of getting to know our residents, as well as getting to know the people who are most important to them. That’s why, thanks to our broad range of amenities and activities, we’re able to create a home where the people who stay with us feel loved, safe, and ready to take on the day. Rubislaw Park is situated in the picturesque city of Aberdeen, and is a truly unique environment that promises to cater for each one of our residents’ needs.

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Rubislaw Park

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