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The entertainment that we provide here at Rubislaw Park is second to none, ensuring that each and every one of our residents have the opportunity to sit back, relax, and watch something truly worthwhile. 

From singers to dancers, actors to public speakers, whatever it is that our residents are most interested in, they’re guaranteed to find one of our many fabulous acts to their liking.

We’ve had performers of all sorts visit us here at Rubislaw Park, and many end up adding Rubislaw Park to their circuit so they can come back and perform for our residents time and time again.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Show

There’s always something exciting happening at Rubislaw Park, no matter what. From absolutely breathtaking performers and dancers, to our very own home choir that residents are encouraged to either join in with or watch perform, the entertainment at Rubislaw Park is certain to leave a lasting impression on their audiences.  

Come rain or shine, the fabulous acts that come to Rubislaw Park love putting on a show for our residents. In the past, we’ve had 1940s-style singers and swing dancers visit and help us celebrate VE Day in style. We’ve also had memorable performances from local carol singers that have really helped all of our residents get into the festive spirit. It’s not all just watching and learning however, at Rubislaw Park, we have lots of active entertainment options too. From petting zoos, to quizzes and all sorts of games, our residents are bound to have an awful lot of fun. 

Residents with Horses
Cello Being Played

Facilities at Rubislaw Park

All of our residents are encouraged to explore a variety of activities at Rubislaw Park. At Rubislaw Park, we make every effort to make all of our facilities and programmes as comprehensive and accessible as possible, whether they’ve been doing these hobbies their entire lives or are trying something new.

Person Playing the Trumpet
Piano in Entertainment Room

Visiting Entertainers

Lots of entertainers travel from far and wide in order to perform for our lovely residents here at Rubislaw Park, and we’re incredibly thankful to our regular performers who come back time and time again. Most performances take place in our communal areas, meaning anyone and everyone can watch. This means that most of our performances are also available for our resident’s friends and family members to attend. To see more of Rubislaw Park, visit our gallery for a much bigger picture.

Staff Singing with Entertainer
Entertainment Room Full Width

Entertainment FAQ’s

We understand that many of our future residents and their loved ones have lots of questions regarding what life is like here at Rubislaw Park. At Rubislaw Park, we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our home, from our facilities to our care options. However, a topic we often receive questions about is our entertainment options. Here are just a few of the questions regarding entertainment we get asked most frequently. 

At Rubislaw Park, any entertainment options and opportunities are included within your overall fee, so you don’t have to worry about spending any extra money.

We offer a wide variety of entertainment options at Rubislaw Park, from singers and dancers to actors and public speakers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Performers visit Rubislaw Park at least once a week, sometimes even more. Depending on their act and talents, some may return more regularly than others, so it’s always wise to keep your eyes peeled.

Life at Rubislaw Park

Our staff understands the importance of getting to know our residents and learning about their priorities. We’re able to build a home where everyone feels loved, safe, and cared for as a result of our different activities, preparing them for the day ahead.

Our Care

Since the beginning of Rubislaw Park, our staff have been dedicated to assisting our residents with everything life throws at them. We enjoy creating a home where our residents can choose from a choice of care alternatives and know that our team is familiar with their different voices and skills.

Resident and Nurse Bonding

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If you have any queries or comments, contact Rubislaw Park’s friendly staff right away. Please contact us by filling out our Enquiry Form, calling 01224 810 030, or sending an email to info@rubislawpark.com.

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