Rubislaw Park's Resident's Support Group

Rubislaw Park’s Resident Support Group

Rubislaw Park Care Home in Aberdeen is pleased to announce our very own Resident Support Group. A group of resident’s relatives formed a support group early last year where they meet together on a regular basis to discuss topics on how they can contribute to the overall wellbeing of our residents living at Rubislaw Park. This includes supporting relatives on weekly church outings, organising a Gentleman’s rotary club held within the home, a Women’s Guild forum, pen pals from local schools, fundraising activities, knitting club, and any other suitable suggestions for activities within Rubislaw Park. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for residents to see loved ones on a regular basis while participating in activities that allows them to socialise with fellow residents and make new friendships with the support of those closest to them. This voluntary service is a great way of lending a helping hand to the staff of Rubislaw Park by providing extra help in organising and assisting with activities, social clubs, and day outs, and what better than with those who know the residents better than anyone. 

Thanks to the group’s dedication of wanting to help residents get the most out of their stay at Rubislaw Park, residents can thrive in an environment full of love and support. Members of the Residents Support Group share the same notion in that they all understand what it’s like to have a loved one living at a care home. This means they are able to share similar experiences and talk about the emotions they have experienced during this time. This is especially beneficial for those who have recently had a loved one move to Rubislaw Park Care Home and might want to know more about what to expect, or if they have any concerns, they will be supported by others who are in a similar situation. 

If you would like to become a part of the Resident Support Group, or have any questions regarding this or any of the care services we provide, do please contact our friendly team at Rubislaw Park today.

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